Jan 8, 2011

Ad graphics

I continue to be amused by what passes for advertising these days.

Kahr Arms is a perpetual favorite with their "thin is sexy" shots. Sell me the gun, please, not the girl holding it. I realize that "chicks with guns" sells. But it sells calendars and, "First DVD free, $19.99 per month thereafter!"

Working through my blogroll this morning, I came across this gem on Uncle's sidebar:


Let's have some fun!

We'll start with the obvious: tank tops are not appropriate shooting attire, particularly for someone trying to shoplift a couple of cantelopes.

Looks like an EoTech on the whatever in her right hand. Both guns have some kind of side-folder stock, suggesting an AK-ish setup... but there's four shotgun shells on the gunbelt.

What else can you find? Go!


Alan said...

There are guns? I didn't notice.

Jay G said...

You didn't notice her guns, alan?

Damn, your eyesight is failing in your old age.

Now, whether there are *firearms* in that picture remains to be seen...