Jan 14, 2011

The National Anthem

It was as she was hitting the high notes when the sound fell away and a confused look flitted across her face. [...] [W]ithin seconds, as if scripted for the closing scene of a Hollywood film, the crowd in the 12,600-seat arena rose as one to join in.

Full story here.

First of all, why is this being reported in a British paper instead of the US press? Oh. Right. Patriotism is passe. Gauche.

Second, and this is a pet peeve: the National Anthem should be sung as a group. Everyone together. None of this "stand because the announcer says to, and stare at our feet, and shuffle a little bit, and then cheer when some jamoke says, 'PLAY BALL!' or, 'Gentlemen, start your engines!'"

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Anonymous said...

i have got to agree with you on this one and im also a firm beleaver that during the singing of the national anthem that your hand should be over your friggin heart or you should be saluting as well as the whole lot siginin