Jul 5, 2011

Blogshoot Booze 2011

I made this offer last year, and I'll do it again this year.

If anyone coming to blogshoot would like a bottle of something from the Fingerlakes area of NY, email me - zercool at gmail dot com - and let me know.

I highly recommend most anything from Fingerlakes Distilling - their rye, bourbon, gin, and maplejack all grace my cabinets - and there are lots of good wineries around as well.

I'm not in a position to float purchases this year, but there's a month 'til the shoot and thus plenty of time to get funding arranged as necessary.

Marty asked about pricing in comments. I don't have exact numbers, but if memory serves, the bourbon and rye are both about $50/750mL, the gin is about $30/750mL, and maplejack is around $30/375mL. I'll get hard numbers in the next few days and post them up.

Edit to clarify: this is the NorthEAST Blogshoot, not NorthCOAST Blogshoot. Much as I'd like to make Northcoast, my time and finances make that nigh-impossible. Sorry for any confusion!


Marty said...

What's a bottle of top shelf Bourbon run?

ZerCool said...

Derp. Prices would be good. I'll be editing the post shortly!