Jul 23, 2011

Phonin' it in

I'm exhausted. My last pay period had 138 hours of paid time between Day Job and BBHIS. Plus commuting time, plus (unpaid) meal breaks at BBHIS. This one is shaping up similar, and MrsZ was out of town for nine days - meaning I was doing all of the home stuff on top of the standard workload.

She's home now and I'm sure the dog appreciates it.

One of the cats, however, seems to have a UTI. Need to try to reach the vet today and see if this requires an office visit or if she'll just take our word on symptoms and write the 'scrip.

Stupid has been strong lately. To the customer who wanted a tub faucet: starting your conversation with, "Well I hope you can help me, because no one in this store knows anything!" is not likely to get you optimal customer service.

1 comment:

Borepatch said...

Having just driven 14 hours, I can appreciate it.

As someone who has the wife (and not the kids) with me, I can double appreciate it,