Jul 12, 2011

The Right Way

Cybrus takes his boy camping.

This is raising a boy (or girl, I'll be fair) the Right Way. See the grin attached to a new knife? That's because (A) knives are cool, and (B) that's a young man who knows what an adult's trust is.

Keep it up, Cybrus - and one of these years, bring him along for the hunt.


Weer'd Beard said...

My Parent's neighbors have young kids. One of them is quite handy with a hammer and probably uses Dad's power tools with supervision.

They were over hanging out with my folks (taking pressure off of me to get on with the grandbaby-making) and I offered to let him handle my knife.

My Mom came by and said "NO, he's just a little boy!" Then went out to do some errands.

When she left I shot him a wink and handed him the knife.

Mom knew EXACTLY what was going to happen, and that made it that much better!

Old NFO said...

That is great! :-)

cybrus said...

Bring him to the hunt? You better believe it! May be a few years - likely start him on a BB gun this year. Maybe a 10/22 in another 2 or 4 depending...