Jul 11, 2012

Bad drivers abound!

Spent a lot of Sunday behind the wheel, traveling to MrsZ's derby bout and back.

The trip started with a driver sporting Mass tags that decided to make a three-car pass on a two-lane highway ... but didn't really put the hammer down, he just pulled out and dawdled on past us, promptly running the three oncoming cars off the road.

An hour later we were tailgated for a while by a passenger van, who ignored brake-taps and slowdowns and just pushed harder until we could get over. I expressed my sentiments with one finger as he passed us - and saw the large "GRACE BAPTIST COLLEGE" emblazoned down the side of the van and trailer it was towing. As he passed us he swerved enough to put his trailer into the space we had been occupying and me onto the shoulder ... which reminds me, I need to call their transport office to express some displeasure.

The rest of the trip was the usual allotment of bad drivers who couldn't figure out speed limits, exits, safe passing, or mirror usage.

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