Jul 16, 2012

ePostal Match - interest?

I know there have been on-and-off e-postal matches around the blogs (Mr. Completely and SailorCurt are coming to mind), but I'm not finding anything current.

I'd be game to organize something if there's any interest... and by "interest" I mean "at least five or six people who want in".

It'll be a free target to download and print on 8.5x11, and I was thinking about the following classes:
-rimfire/irons (25m)
-rimfire/optics (25m)
-centerfire/irons (100m)
-centerfire/optics (100m)
-pistol/open (10m)


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Sure, what've you got?

Old NFO said...

Why not...LOL gotta give folks a couple of weeks though... :-)