Jul 19, 2012

Blogshoot prep

Just a hair over three weeks until I'm on the road with Bubblehead Les heading to NH for the shoot.

Not a lot of prep to do, in actuality. The pile of guns I bring has gotten smaller every year. Why? A few reasons:

(A) I don't have anything that's really extraordinary. It's true. The unusual pieces from my collection have made appearances (the S&W 647 and S&W 242Ti come immediately to mind). The HARD hitter showed up last year, and 3.5" magnums are only a surprise for one year. ;-) M&Ps are a dime a dozen, as are the various 1911-patterns. No need to drag a neutered 9mm across three states to join six more on the line...

(B) I realized last year that blogshoot isn't about the guns for me. Don't get me wrong - I love looking at, handling, and shooting the ordnance that everyone brings to the (multiple, heavily loaded) tables - but I'm much happier just being among My People. A pipe with DoubleTrouble, a frosty one (post shoot) with whoever cares to, and watching everyone enjoy the common thread of guns.

That said, if there ARE any special requests from the Z safe, please let me know.


agirlandhergun said...

I'm with you. The guns are awesome, but the people are why I travel or rearrange plans when people come to my area. I am sure you all will have a blast!

Keads said...

Have fun and tell BL I will see him in WV next time to shoot.