Jul 16, 2012

e-postal inaugural match

Two people interested is enough for me to start. Obviously I'll shoot it too.

Five classes, as mentioned before:
- rimfire / iron sights (25yd/m)
- rimfire / optics (25yd/m)
- centerfire / irons (100yd/m)
- centerfire / optics (100yd/m)
- open handgun (10yd/m)

All shooting should be done UNSUPPORTED: no bench, bags, bipods, etc. Sling up if you like. Shoot whatever position you like except for handguns - those should be standing.

Shoot it as many times as you like and submit your best target with details written on it: class, make/model/caliber. For numerically scored targets there is NO .30-cal rule; for others it's the judge's (my) call. The only prize at this point is bragging rights, but I may sweeten the pot at some point.

To submit your target(s), take a scan or picture and email it to me: zercool/gmail/etc. I'll gather them up and post 'em.

For the first month, we're going on an African safari! (I blame reddit; link NSFW.)

Print the first five targets from this page. (Elephant, tiger, lion, hippo, rhino.)

TWO shots on each target - because we're classy hunters, we're using a double rifle!

"Trophy" shots are center-mass, behind the shoulder and in front of the abdomen, and are worth 2 points.
"Call the PH" shots are anything else (including head shots) and are worth 1 point.
Misses are... Well. Zero. Duh.

Max points possible is 20. Get 'em done and to me by August 4. I'll put the results up sometime shortly thereafter and come up with another match if there's interest.

Good hunting!

(Edit to add: I will gladly take feedback on this. Too complicated? Boring? Not enough rounds? Too many rounds? Tell me!)


RollsCanardly said...

I've embarrassed myself, and emailed you the scanned proof. This was my first attempt at an ePostal match, and it was a fun one. Thanks!


ZerCool said...

Rolls, I saw nothing to be embarrassed about. Mine isn't looking so hot either. ;-)