Oct 12, 2012

Cartridge Comparison

Found this image while lurking the darker corners:

York Arms is building my upper in .300Blackout (#12) right now; I've heard of most of the others in one form or another... but I hadn't heard about the 7.62x40WT (#13). From Wilson's page:

The cartridge is designed for 110-150gr .308” diameter bullets loaded to supersonic velocities, but if chambered in a 1-8 twist barrel is also suitable for heavy bullet subsonic use also.
It's got just a hair more ass to it than the 300BLK; factory loads are showing 125gr at 2350fps (up from 2200 or so)... Aside from that last 100-200fps, I don't see much in the way of advantage over the 300. Doubly so since (to my knowledge), the WT isn't a SAAMI-spec round - so it's all subject to licensing from Wilson, and therefore more expensive.

Still - I'm glad to see people trying new things.

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