Oct 31, 2012

Man-purse, two years later

I was digging through my archives looking for something and found the original review I'd written of my Maxpedition KISS bag. It struck me that it's been nearly two years and I should do some kind of an update.

When I wrote that first post, the bag was new. I hadn't really wrung out what I wanted in it. Now I mostly have. Sure, it changes based on what I'm doing, but the basics are always there.

Quick (current) junk on the bunk shot:
 Literally, I dumped everything out of it, quickly arranged, and snapped a picture. Camelbak bottle, spare glasses, Gorillapod, Galaxy Tab, spare batteries, Leatherman tool, whistle, pen, Sharpie, nail clippers, M&P40c, spare mags, spork, various meds, MagLite, knife, lighter, flint. Normally it contains the camera I used to take the picture, too.

All packed up. The large center pocket only has the tablet in it, leaving plenty of room for a book, lunch, snack, whatever.

You may also notice the heavy wear and tear on the bag... or perhaps more accurately, lack of. As in none. The only damage I can find on this bag after two years of daily carry and abuse is a few stitches that tore out of a piece of trim tape. Nothing else. The fabric is still intact, zippers still zip, and the velcro still velcs.

I've carried everything from a PM9 to a government 1911A1 in the holster with no issues. The 5" 1911 is the top end of fit for the bag, but it does go. The current selection - the M&P40c - has been the best combination of fit and weight for me. 31 rounds of Ranger riding along is a nice feeling.

Midway does a seasonal run of the colors above, or you can grab one over at Amazon for about $60, or direct from Maxpedition for $70.

If something happens to this one, I can pretty much guarantee I'll be reaching for the plastic that same day; I feel lost without this bag now.


Old NFO said...

Good update, I like mine too, but i use it as a gunshow/weekend walkabout bag.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

I love reading reviews that are more than three months in - it's one thing to hear how awesome a thing is out of the bag, but a test over time tells true quality. Thanks!

Unknown said...
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