Oct 12, 2012


There aren't really any public-use areas devoted to shooting around here. No informal canyon ranges, sand pits, old quarries, whatever. There are, however, huge tracts of public-use land where hunting is a-ok. I checked out one of them last month; about fifteen minutes from my house. It's nearly a thousand acres of marshy potholes and tall grass. Should be awesome for geese if I can figure out the proper gear to get in there in winter.

Walking out, though, I came across this:
1: This sign is public property.
2: There is a road about 75 yards beyond this sign.
3: Doing this makes shooters and hunters look like the inbred yokels people try to make us out as.
4: Continuation of this kind of wanton destruction guarantees the closing of public-access hunting lands.

If you're doing this: fuck you.
If you see someone doing this, report them. Keep our land-use areas open.


Jay G said...

Well, you know it wasn't me, because they hit the center and not low and slightly left...

(Kidding aside, this sucks, and yes, I'd turn their ass in)

DaddyBear said...

Exactly. Stuff like that is why a lot of private land is locked up against hunters. Why let someone hunt on your land when the last guy left trash and damage?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Yet, if you did confront the Bastards, how much do want to bet that they'd look at you like an Obama Supporter who had to explain where their Free Cheese was coming from?

Bakersfield Photographer said...

I'm wondering why hunting is allowed anywhere. I can't imagine myself killing an animal. But, it's ironic that I'm eating their meat.

ZerCool said...

Jay - Even you can shoot a scattergun, I know that. Of course, it needs a 14" barrel and a birdshead grip...

Les - I'd not confront them. Description, jot down a license plate, and let the badges deal with it.

Bakersfield: it's not irony, it's hypocrisy. If you're not willing to hunt or kill an animal, that's fine by me. I don't even mind if you want to relegate that responsibility to someone else and buy your meat in the supermarket... but to eat meat and then tell me hunting is wrong? That's just lying to yourself.
Case in point.