Oct 27, 2012

Storm preps

I know a lot of my friends along the east coast are getting ready for Sandy. Most of them are already "ready" and are just laying in a little extra.

Me? I'm feeling pretty OK with our current situation. I'll go fill the two empty gas cans and the kerosene can I emptied last week, run the generator to blow out the dust, and call it good. Our stove is gas, the temperatures aren't supposed to be too bad (so the kerosene heater is plenty), and the generator will handily run the freezer for an hour or two out of every six or eight. We've got plenty of water put up, and racks full of canned and dried stuff on top of what's in the freezer.

If the power goes out, we'll light an oil lamp and continue with life as (nearly) normal - but the little friends might be a touch closer to hand than otherwise.


Old NFO said...

That will work! I'm as ready as I'm going to be. All the pieces and parts are in place, and standing by for heavy weather!

agirlandhergun said...

Us too. As ready as we can be. Be safe!