Oct 26, 2012

Weather work...

I had a guy coming to work on our coal stove Wednesday. Since I was taking the morning off to do that, I scheduled the water softener guy for the same morning.

Tuesday afternoon the stove guy called and needed to reschedule to Friday. *sigh* Fine. MrsZ can be home without trouble.

I spent yesterday afternoon working on a landscaping project/retaining wall that's been on the to-do all summer. I looked at the forecast and see that Sandy is working back towards the coast, and starting tomorrow (Saturday) there's nothing but rain in one form or another (and perhaps some snow or ice for variety) for a week-plus.

I called in.

The stove guy has been and gone, I've had two cups of coffee. I'm about to make an egg and english muffin, and then I'm going out to FINISH this damn wall.


Old NFO said...

Yep, nothing like a litte 'reminder' from Mother Earth... :-)

Andi said...

Hope your wall is finished the way you wanted and that you muddle through the weather they say is coming...be safe.