Aug 13, 2011


Linoge mentions the CDC and FBI being at odds about a few things - particularly flashlights.

Look, flashlights are a tool. A damn useful one. Human eyes are actually pretty good at low-light vision, but your imagination is NOT always the worst thing in the woods. Having a decent light makes all kinds of things a lot easier.

I've always liked flashlights. They multiply like rabbits. Little ones run by a button cell. Big multi-D-cell nightsticks. Cheap $3 hardware store specials. $90 do-it-all-but-the-coffee models.

The cheap ones get tossed everywhere - closets, drawers, toolboxes, gloveboxes, etc. The good ones I tend to be a bit more particular with. That said, I'm always on the lookout for something different. I happened to see these at work the other day.

Floating (and therefore waterproof). Includes a battery. 65-hour runtime. $5 - and therefore darn-near disposable, since a replacement battery is almost $4. Bright enough to be useful, long enough runtime to let the kids play with it. Beam quality isn't superb, but it's fine for general use.

Thumbs up.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Little "Helpful Hint" about Flashlights I'd like to pass along. I like to keep one next to every Land Line phone in my house, along with a note pad and pen. Why? Because the Phone doesn't move. That way, if/when I have a Blackout, I know just where to go to get a light. Doesn't have to be expensive. I use the 9 LED, 3 AAA ones that Harbor Freight used to give away, but Olde Skool Mini-Mag Lights that I keep getting for Christmas work just as well. Or whatever floats your boat. Beats fumbling around the House, trying to get to your Smartphone from its Charging Location, and scrolling for the Flashlight App.

Hope this helps. Gee, I wonder if the FBI will now come after me for "Disseminating Terrorist Information?"

Joat said...

Last year after Christmas the big blue home center had little 1 AA led lights for $1, I bought 20 of them.

Bubblehead Les, My land lines move around, they ones that get used are all cordless.

Joat said...

Thinking about it wasn't the big blue home center it was the big orange home center.

Old NFO said...

That works :-) Reminds me I need new batteries for mine...

doubletrouble said...

Yeah, I'm a f'light junkie too. Every time I got to Harbor Freight, I make sure I have the "free flashlight" coupon w/me. While they're not a light to stake your life on, like Les said they're great to have around.

Anonymous said...

I find myself wondering what they mean by "night flashlights" as opposed to just plain "flashlights." But anyway, I picked up a couple of pistol-grip LED flashlights that you can recharge with a hand crank last year. Talk about ideal for emergencies!

I always have flashlights in a couple of predictable places, like by each exit door, but I like Les's idea to put one by every landline phone.

I'll have to keep an eye out for the $1 AA LED lights Joat found last year. They'd be a good investment, though keeping the batteries charged isn't always easy.

TOTWTYTR said...

I have flashlights everywhere in the house. And if I missed any spots, Mrs. TOTWTYTR bought more.

The LED ones are cool because they run for a long, long time. You can even by LED bulbs to replace your old PR 2 bulbs. Much brighter, run much longer. They do cost a bit more, but keep looking on Amazon.come and you'll find them on sale at some point.

Chemical light sticks are good as well.