Aug 11, 2011

LaserLyte, again

I wrote a few posts earlier about my issues with the LaserLyte RSL. The new-in-box M&P9 had it pre-installed, and it had issues. LaserLyte promptly replaced that under warranty with no trouble.

At the range, it started walking out of the dovetail. I re-centered it and tightened the set screw as far as I dared, and it's held so far. Unfortunately, it's started other issues:
- it changes modes with each shot (off/steady/pulse/off/steady/pulse/etc)
- the switch no longer works consistently
- the battery cover has tried to work itself out

Clearly, this product, while neat, is NOT ready for the primetime. I very much need to get about finding a 'smith and having the TruGlo TFO's installed. Then I have to decide what to do with the LaserLyte product...

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