Aug 15, 2011

Huge news

If you have a Dragon Leatherworks holster, you're a lucky one. If you've got one ordered, you're still in luck. If you were planning to order one, you're going to be waiting a bit.

No, they aren't closing up shop - at least not permanently.

This is wonderful news for him, and I am jealous in ways that are hard to describe. It's not in the cards for me just yet, but someday...

The family and I (wife and kids) are moving out of New York State. Its too expensive here...taxes are onerous, and the only places where the cost of a home approaches something that could be construed as reasonably affordable are so far from the population centers that pay on the highest scales, that you need to live 70+ miles away, and commute to the better paying jobs.

Which I have done for the past 13 years...each day is an 80 mile commute ONE WAY (yes, you read that right...its a daily round trip of 160+ miles each and every day) just to get a paycheck. The costs of gasoline alone tops $600 a month. Add in the state income taxes paid to NY (for the *cough* privilege *cough*) to live here, and the state income tax paid to NJ for the *cough* privilege *cough* to be allowed to work in *that* state, and my monthly outlay in terms of net dollars topped $1000 a month. And thats not even considering the costs of tolls, monthly maintenance on the vehicle, insurance costs, etc...

Congratulations, Dragon! (Keep the beer cold for me, will ya?)


Bubblehead Les. said...

Ohh, he'll be just down the Road from Unc and Oleg. Lucky Man!

DragonLW said...

@Zercool - Will DEFINITELY keep a 12-pack cold for ya! If you and the lovely Mrs. Zercool ever come down that way, you've got lodging for an evening or three. :-)

@Les - Ayup...know all about the better-known denizens of East TN. :-)