Aug 22, 2011

State Farm Fail

This marks the second time State Farm has really screwed the pooch for us.

When we bought our house and got our homeowner's policy through them, they issued the policy, we closed, life was good. We got a letter two weeks after closing that they were terminating the policy. No reason, just terminating. Phone calls ensued.

They had visited the property, looked everything over, taken pictures, written the policy, and THEN decided that the un-sided garage was an unacceptable risk. We had thirty days to finish the garage. A couple thousand dollars and several full days of labor later, the garage was sided and the policy was reinstated.

Fast forward to last week. I got a call from my agent saying they needed a photo inspection of MrsZ's car for their file. Their hours are 9-4:45 on weekdays. I work two jobs and MrsZ works days. In other words, we're not going to make it down there on two days notice. I told the agent as much.

I got a letter on Saturday, dated the day prior to the phone call, stating that my collision coverage was suspended effective Saturday. Me, roof, through.

I called them this morning and as politely as possible said WTF?

Lady I spoke to said it had been sorted out and they'd received the paperwork they needed from the dealer. I told her to send (fax) me written proof of coverage. She called back and said they actually DID need a picture of the car. I told her it was parked at home. She wanted me to bring it down to the office.

Back the fuck up, lady.

YOU sent me a letter saying YOU SUSPENDED collision coverage on the vehicle. Now you're telling me to drive it down there? She says, "well, yes, it would be covered to do that..." I told her to give that to me in writing. She wouldn't. I asked who would cover it if I got in an accident on the way down to their office, since they had given me written notice that the vehicle wasn't covered? Silence.

It's parked in front of our house. Help yourself.

Now they want additional information that I can't give them immediately (odometer and a photo of the VIN plate). It'll be at least tomorrow before the vehicle is insured.

She tried to tell me it was the dealer's fault for not sending them a copy of the bill of sale. Not buying that, lady. She told me they had sent me a letter last summer requesting the information. We received no such letter. She faxed me a copy of the letter. Fine, you have a letter dated last year with my name on top - but that doesn't change the fact that I never received it.

In short: State Farm fucked up, they didn't properly audit their files - for a YEAR - and are trying to blame someone - anyone - else.

I've already started getting new insurance quotes. Completely unacceptable.

Fuck State Farm and Lee Newhart Insurance.


OrangeNeck said...

I have GEICO and they've been good to me for the past 15 years.

Weer'd Beard said...

I think its time to change policies.

Fuck them and their bullshit, and make sure to tell a manager why, when you cancel.

DaddyBear said...

I'd recommend Liberty Mutual or USAA if you qualify. Both have been very good to us.

Bubblehead Les. said...

After our talk about that, I thought they had their Shit Together, but Obviously Not. Run Bro, Run Away, and let State Farm Rot in Hell.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

If you qualify, USAA has been awesome for me. They even handled the concept of having cars registered in two states while moving to a third, until we got everything sorted out.

If you don't, I strongly recommend anyone else but state farm! You work too hard for that money and time you have to waste it on pissants like that!

Ruth said...

We've got Geico and they've (so far) done well by us (including when ice fell off the roof of the apartment building and caused almost $3000 in damage to my "new" car). They DID require photos of the vehicles, but also gave us several days to arrange that, when we set up the various policies.

They even handled the chimney fire well, slower than I thought ideal, but things went smoothly and the adjuster made a point of calling us with the quote in hand to EXPLAIN why certain things were only covered partially.

I'd be switching insurance too if they pulled that sort of stunt on me!

Chris said...

Having previously been in the insurance industry they're not nicknamed Snake Farm for nothing. If you can't qualify for USAA try Erie.

Old NFO said...

I'd stay away from USAA... They've screwed two friends of mine pretty badly, and they were serving officers in the Navy. I'd also be calling the regional manager for SF and telling them what went on.

Jennifer said...

Honestly, I think the the problem is your agent. We've had great luck with State Farm. And they came to us for pictures and to work up my last accident.
Been with them since I was 16.

Anonymous said...

That "Well, the dealer screwed up the paperwork, and it's not our fault" is pretty much exactly the same line I got from one of the women in the Lee Newhart office when MY coverage above the bare minimum was cancelled by State Farm.

Call and ask for Lee Newhart. Explain to him that you know you aren't the first person this has happened to since you know me -- I guarantee you, he remembers the conversation he had with me, since it's why I am no longer willing to have my voice on his radio ads -- and see what he plans to do about it.

Newbius said...

I've been with State Farm for 25+ years. Sounds like you need a new agent, not necessarily a new company.

Photo of the car? Maybe to document current damage (if any). They ought to be able to accept time-stamped digital pics and an affidavit (or send the lazy-assed agent out to the farm).