Aug 26, 2011

Range trip, new-ish shooter

I reconnected with an old acquaintance earlier this week. We've known each other online going back to 2004 or 2005 thanks to LiveJournal, lived within 45 minutes the vast majority of that time, but had only first met (briefly) in 2008. Go figure. She dropped off the planet shortly thereafter, then last week we discovered we had several friends and acquaintances in common.

We went out for dinner and a drink Tuesday night, traded some EMS/fire war stories (amidst odd glances from adjacent tables - something about gales of laughter following stories that began with, "So there we were, no shit..." and usually included gore of some kind.) At some point she mentioned needing to shoot a pig head for some research she's doing (forensic anthropology), and we made quick plans to go to the range Wednesday.

Wednesday fell through for various reasons, so we went yesterday instead.

Fortunately, we had the range to ourself, as she started by partially degloving the pig head in order to document the existing wound (from slaughter).

I checked zero on a couple rifles, she chose to use the MkII .22, and we set the pig up at 50 yards. After she sent a few magazines downrange, we shot the pig. One shot, fifty yards, 36gr .22HP (Federal bulk pack, 1260fps?), and she nailed it.

For those that say .22 has no power, check out these two frames from the video (click to embiggen).
A few frames prior to impact:

The moment of impact:

Once that was done, we had some fun with other hardware...


Model 67:

I didn't grab pictures of anything else, but suffice to say she got to try several new pieces.

Some will complain about the stance... all I can say is this: listen to your shooter. My friend has had some problems with (and surgeries to correct) her back. A standard Weaver or isosceles stance hurts her back to hold. She tried this stance (I call it a bullseye stance, although that's probably not the right term) and found that it was the most comfortable. I'm well aware that it's not a solid defensive shooting position, but as we all know, new shooters should be comfortable first and foremost.

(Yes, we started with the .22s.)

All in all, a very good day.


Guffaw in AZ said...

I see it as a 'classical' shooting stance.
As long as she's not training for SWAT, who cares?
The important thing is you had fun and got to shoot!

Old NFO said...

Guffaw is right! And I've shot bullseye using that stance, except a little more perpendicular to the target.

Dragon said...

Ummm....and whats wrong with the stance?

That is a classic *bullseye* stance (in modern parlance) but way back when, that was known as a Dueling Stance.

It has MANY presents a much smaller target to your foe/opponent, places your arm in direct line with your aiming eye (assuming strong-eye dominant), and is excellent for bracing against recoil as you can lean slightly forward.

And I'm NOT afraid to admit it...I practice this stance the most, and can place my shots at 7 to 10 yards better than folks who use a two-handed grip. Its the way I was taught to shoot a pistol by both my grandfather and father (both European-born, having served in in the military over there) and it feels the most natural to me.

And when it comes down to it....isn't it the overriding concern for self-defense shooting that you execute your shots quickly, with precision, in order to stop the threat as fast as possible whilst avoiding being a target yourself?

Whatever get ya from Point A to Point B in the shortest amount of time, in my eyes, is the best route. All the *experts* who try to convince me of other ways of shooting that lower my accuracy and/or hit rate can go scratch. :-)

Just sayin'.... ;-)

WV: taties.... is that the new street word for ta-ta's?