Oct 23, 2011

10/22, a day late

I don't have any pictures of the 10/22 MrsZ has in the safe - but it's an International, with the stainless barrel and grey laminate stock. Purty rifle, that one. It needs some attention soon. The trigger is mushy (but very light) after I put in a Volquartsen sear and spring kit, and it has been stovepiping a round or two every few magazines. Given that they are down to $175, a Timney drop-in is a likely candidate...

And since I'm on the topic, there is a special production run of the "International" style out again, through the Talo distribution network. I saw one at the fun show last week for $350ish, and they're running through Gunbroker in the high $200s. If you want a sharp looking plinker, they're tough to beat - but don't plan on much modification. Sure, you can play build-a-rifle with it, but you'll be taking it out of the beautiful Mannlicher stock you just spent the extra money on. ;-)

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doubletrouble said...

We switched ammo from the WW Federal to Blazer & the stovepipes/misfeeds have all but disappeared.

Polish the hammer notch & even the VQ sear- I still see grind marks (with magnification) on the VQ parts out of the box.

I took the Mrs.' pull from 8.2# to 3.15# with a VQ hammer & a little stone work.