Oct 19, 2011


Had some stuff happen at Day Job earlier this week. I can't get into specifics (of course) but suffice it to say everything was done right on my end of things, and the outcomes were still far less than desirable.

It's not the first time, it won't be the last, but for some reason it's just kind of tweaked my mood for the week.

I spent yesterday hunting the in-laws' farm with a regular hunting partner. Just about a perfect day. Took a very long walk in the woods after getting turned around in the creek, the weather was cool and slightly breezy but not cold, the sun was out...

I dozed off in the pasture waiting for Greg to make it out of the stand for lunch and enjoyed my short nap. The afternoon was a gentle push through some woods and then a few hours watching the sky get dark from a tree stand.

I reckon we both walked several miles in the process, and I can't wait to do it again. A much-needed respite from the staggering amount of crap that's been going on.

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