Oct 17, 2011

Hello, fall.

The Kimber-porn will be a few days out. I collapsed when I got home last night before taking any pictures, I'm working both jobs today, and tomorrow I will be sitting in a tree and waiting for the tricksy deers to walk by and get shot with arrows. (In other words, I will enjoy a day in the woods watching the world go by.)

The weather is definitely on the down-slide here. The weekend was classic autumn in upstate New York: windy, rainy, and moderately cool. The temperature isn't a problem so much as the pervasive dampness - and I'm too cheap/lazy to fire up the coal stove quite yet, so the house is cool in the mornings.

This morning, though, was the clearest sign yet of impending winter.

I got up to put the dog out at my usual time, and when I stepped on the deck I glanced up at a sky that was partly cloudy with a waning gibbous moon... and saw those three-stars-in-a-row that only appears in winter, as Orion's belt. It's still a late-rising constellation, since it was in the eastern sky, but it's up there.

And the air between the clouds? Crystal clear.

My seasons are here.

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