Oct 6, 2011

Let me put on my bus drivin' hat

... and watch as the Wall Street Journal tosses the pres_ent under the bus.

What is it that Mr. Obama doesn't like about the United States—a country that sent him hurtling like an American Idol contestant from the obscurity of an Illinois Senate seat to the presidency in a mere four years?

Read the whole thing. And note that through the whole article he is referred to as "Mr. Obama," not "President O" ... interesting.

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Weer'd Beard said...

VERY interesting at the "Mr" prefix. I always disliked when the press called our President "Mr. Bush", I thought it was horribly disrespectful, especially having lived 8+ years of "Governor Clinton" and then "President Clinton", but never, "Mr. Clinton".

And frankly I won't address our President as "Mr. Obama", I may not like the guy one whit, but if he did anything in his life at all, he earned the title of President.