Oct 31, 2011

VZ Grips - excellent!

I have to give credit to VZ Grips. I looked at their products at the NRA show but didn't feel like putting the cash down right then. Nice stuff, but not the right time.

Then someone posted a coupon code over the weekend - 20% off with code HALLOW11. That was enough to push me over the edge, and I whipped out the wallet and ordered a set ... except the order failed because there was an address mismatch.

So I tried my other address and it failed as well. I tried a few combinations. Every single one failed. I figured they were having a computer glitch and decided to try again this morning. Failure again.

I checked my credit card account and saw a stack of "Pending" from VZ Grips... uh-oh.

Their phone number is on their site, and their office hours are listed.

I called, pushed one menu option, and was answered by a real person. Who spoke English. American English.

I (briefly) explained what had happened and he transferred me to billing, who checked and confirmed that they had no pending orders in my name. Billing asked if I wanted to place the order still (yesplease) and transferred me back to sales - the same guy I'd originally talked to.

He took my order, checked inventory, applied the coupon code, took my billing and shipping information, and told me the grips would go to the shop for milling tomorrow and probably ship out tomorrow or Wednesday. I went back to my desk and there was already an email with the invoice sitting in my mailbox.

That is exactly how customer service is supposed to work.

(These are the grips on the way, plus a thumb notch, and a set of their Radiation II grip screws. I think they'll look quite good on the Kimber, which I still owe you pictures of...)


Tango Juliet said...

You'll like 'em. I have their tiger stripe frags on mine.

Bubblehead Les. said...

You weren't next to T-Bolt when we got to their Booth at the NRA Con. Never saw a Human Drool so much...... ; )

Old NFO said...

LOL at Les, yeah they DO have some nice stuff! And the Cust service IS a BIG plus!

Jay G said...

Take this for what it's worth, but the Snubbie from Hell shot *BETTER* with the VZ grips.

Higher praise I can't sing.

And they dress up the lil J-frame quite nice...

ZerCool said...

Les - describing T-Bolt as "human" may be a bit of a stretch, but you make your point. ;-)

Jay - It'd be tough to make that thing shoot WORSE...