May 14, 2012

AR parts update

Yes, kids, parts are getting scarce again. Lower parts kits in particular. Uppers are still out there and not priced too high (yet).

How picky you are and what you're looking for is going to define how long you're going to wait.

Stag is a few weeks lead on uppers. I've heard rumor that RockRiver is out to 60 days or more.

Those of us in ban states are actually at a slight advantage here: things like fixed stocks and HBAR crowned uppers aren't in quite as heavy demand. Yet.

(But the local big-box store has Stag and Bushy ARs on the rack, if you want to pay big-box prices ... prices that aren't terribly out of line with the current reality.)

As things stand, I've ordered all the parts I need to finish MrsZ's AR and the lower I have sitting around, less optics. And a couple extra firing pins, because if there's one thing I'm likely to break, that's it.

Expect to see updates as things arrive and get tested out, assembled, installed, etc. I'll be DuraCoating a couple shotguns before I do the rifles, and will try to document that.

Once MrsZ's rifle starts going together, I'll document - but won't post pics until she has it in hand. Final form is a surprise!

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Old NFO said...

Interesting, thanks for the update!