May 29, 2012

Ooooooh... it's coming!

I got an email from Wally over at York Arms last night, consisting of one line:

It just hatched.... You are going to lurve it !

"It" in this context is the super-secret-ish lower for MrsZ's AR. I'm seriously excited for this; the upper should be arriving any day now. The lower still needs to go out for anodizing with some of its brethren, so I suspect that's a couple weeks out yet.

I intended to do some DuraCoating over the weekend on the small parts, but other obligations and a range trip precluded that... then yesterday was north of 90F, and there is NO WAY I'm strapping on a respirator and hunching over a spray booth with little fiddly bits in that kind of weather. It's supposed to storm today and the heat should break tomorrow. I may take a swing at it tonight, though - at least get the primer coat down on a few things.

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