May 25, 2012

Pirates! Help!

This story makes me smile, and just reinforces the bond among sailors:
Iranian sailors chase off pirates attacking U.S. Ship

Iranian navy vessels received a distress signal from the U.S. cargo ship Maersk Texas during patrols. The forces announced their willingness to help. As they closed in on the American cargo ship, the pirates scattered. The U.S. ship crew thanked the Iranian naval force and continued on its way, state media reported.
The clowns in DC and Tehran can't get their shit together - but a distress call on the open ocean doesn't give a shit what flag you're flying. Good on the Iranian Navy.


mhaithaca said...

Don't you wish Real People who know what honor means were the ones running the planet, instead of the ones we've got doing it now?

Ken O said...

The code of the sea transcends language, race and nationality. Of course a multiple sortie B52 strike, dropping HE, WP and napalm on the home port of the pirates would go a long way towards eliminating the problem. "Civilians?" Washington says. If you tolerate and allow this activity to flourish, you are not a civilian but an accomplice.