May 9, 2012

Magazine bleg

A new post by Carteach0 brought this to the forefront of my mind...

I have a small pile of 10-round magazines. They're fine for the range, and I have further blocked a couple down to five rounds for use when hunting.

What I do not have enough of is standard-capacity feeders. I picked up two shortly after getting the AR, and haven't found a fair price on any since. (People here behind enemy lines treat them like gold, and price accordingly.)

I'm not made of money, but I'd like some new-to-me magazines. Pre-ban, dated if at all possible, with a slight preference for 20-rounders (they don't monopod the rifle when prone).

So here's my offer: a new-in-the-packaging Magpul PMAG, 20- or 30-round, your choice, for each functional pre-ban you want to send behind enemy lines. I'll have them direct-shipped from wherever I can find a good price.

And in parallel, I will offer two new mil-spec stripped lowers (York Arms, perhaps?) for a documentable pre-ban lower.

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