May 3, 2012

York Arms, DuraCoat

Jay ups the ante and channels his inner Rooster. You'll note the caliber is "556Poodle", which I personally find pretty inappropriate. Rooster had a Colt Peacemaker in .45LC and a Winchester saddle-ring in .44-40, according to the IMFDB. The appropriate upper for this rifle is obviously something starting with .4, so a .450Bushmaster would be a pretty fair choice. (I'd go with .45-70, but that's a rimmed cartridge and will get into feed issues.)

Since he put up the pron, I'll let the cat out of the bag here ... I also have a custom lower coming for MrsZ. She knows about it ... sort of. Not all the details, though. And those won't be posted here 'til she knows them. Seeing the picture Jay posted of his in-process lower makes me VERY excited about the work Wally is doing. I'm pretty jealous. ;-)

And as for DuraCoat ... I did some research and found that the I don't need a special compressor - the one I have for the shop is just fine, with a dryer and good regulator in line. Knowing that, I picked up an airbrush (Badger 350) and some india ink and paper to practice with. I'll be ordering DuraCoat in a bit and will try to take pics of the process. (Side note: Michael's Crafts puts a 40% off one item coupon in their ads. Well, they also put it online - and accept it digitally. I showed them the coupon on my tablet, they scanned it, and boom, 40% off. Well worth it; took the airbrush down to $35.)

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