Apr 6, 2012

Dragon updates...

Got an email from Dennis over at Dragon Leatherworks this morning:
Got a call again from the Prop Master from NCIS.  He did a quick flip through his paperwork while on the phone, and indicated that the Leather Goth Lunchbox will be getting a very sweet amount of screen time, and the episode airs April 17th, 2012 (Tuesday) at 8PM Eastern / 7PM Central
And yes...the prop master called for a specific reason, not just to let me know when the episode was going to air. ;-) Will fill everyone in after the NRA Meeting in St, Louis next week.

So set your DVRs, kids! See the Dragon's Lunchbox on prime-time TV! ... and apparently, there will be more!

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oddball said...

Oh hell... Why do I get the funny feeling that I better get my order(s) in now if I want to see my order arrive in the next three years?