Apr 3, 2012


Ice cream machine has been on the blink.

I'll knock something together soon. In the meantime, here's some chickens in a doghouse:


Aaron de Bruyn said...

I love Barred Rocks. The roo's are just aggressive enough to protect the flock from predators without attacking my kids when they go to collect eggs and the hens seem to be decent layers and brooders. :)

ZerCool said...

Aaron - I've been VERY happy with the Rocks. We started with twenty birds: five Barred Rocks, five Buff Orpingtons, and ten mixed bantams.

All twenty survived to go outside.

One bantam died mysteriously, one disappeared, and the three bantam cocks went to the freezer. Four buffs disappeared to an unknown predator, along with one rock.

We're going to add some more birds this year - and I think most of them will be Rocks again. Great birds.