Apr 19, 2012

Radio trivia

The country station I tend to listen to on my way to work does morning trivia each day. Answer the question, win a pair of movie tickets or a t-shirt or whatever. It's usually good for a chuckle, and it's always some pretty esoteric piece of uselessness.

Today's question?
"Men's Health magazine recently did a survey, and determined this is 'the most manly food'. What is it?"

I talked back to the radio, as usual: "Anything I killed myself."

Cue song, commercials, DJ back on:
It's not steak. It's not ribs. But we do have a winner...
It's beef jerky.

Followed by number two, mixed nuts; and number three, peanuts. And the most manly drinks are, in order, beer, bourbon, and rum-and-coke.

I weep for the future. Of course, this survey was probably of the kind of guys who read "Men's Health" magazine, and have it on the back of the toilet sandwiched between "GQ" and "Esquire".

The back of MY toilet usually has a CheaperThanDirt catalog, a Northern Tool catalog, two or three issues of "American Rifleman", and maybe an LLBean catalog (recently supplanted by Duluth Trading Co.).

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