Jun 11, 2012

Gauntlet: picked up

Last week Uncle threw down a challenge to shoot a hundred rounds a week this year.

I already know there will be weeks I'm unable to do that, but I'm going to try.

Since I don't have the ammo budget to blow five cases of centerfire anything in a year, I decided I'm going to shoot at least a hundred rounds of .22, and one magazine of centerfire. If I'm shooting rifles, that'll probably be ten rounds of 5.56; pistols it could be almost anything.

I started yesterday. I took the newly-finished AR and the 15-22 out and had the range to myself. Ten rounds of brass and ten rounds of steel 5.56 later, function was 100%. I don't have sights on the rifle yet, so it really was just a function check.

Then it was on to the 15-22, and I lost count on rounds. Well north of 100. It's REAL easy to burn a whole lot of ammo in that thing. Fortunately, .22 is still relatively cheap. The rifle continues to impress with it's accuracy and reliability: iron sights zeroed for 25yd (3/8 on the elevation knob) and then rear elevation clicked up to 4 puts me right on the plates at 100yd. The reflex sight (seen above with the donut-o-death reticle) is bright and easy to pick up quickly. I'm toying with the idea of pulling off the existing fixed irons and putting on a set of flip-ups - but at the same time, I'm moderately reluctant to drop MORE money into a plinker. (g)

To satisfy the gun-geeks: S&W M&P15-22 with a TruGlo TruBrite reflex, Stag 3H upper on a Territorial Arms 2nd Amendment lower.

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Old NFO said...

Trigger time is GOOD time! :-)