Jun 30, 2012


I put my kayak on the truck Thursday evening, with the intention of heading directly to the water after work for an afternoon paddle.

When I walked out the door to get the clothes I was changing to, that plan changed. Nudging 100, not a cloud in the sky, and pretty much miserable. Instead, I went home and puttered around the house for a bit, picked up our weekly farmshare with MrsZ, and when it had cooled off a bit (down to the high 80s) headed to the lake near the house.

I paddled out a few hundred yards and sat back to soak up the sun and light breeze and quiet for a while. Then I headed for the south end of the lake, which I hadn't been to in the numerous times I'd gone out last summer. Started down the creek and saw a beaver dip under and disappear. Plenty of birds were scolding me.

The water was just shy of bath-water warm, but the breeze was wonderful.

I stayed out until about 8:45; the sun was behind the hill and the lake was starting to darken down when I left to head home.

My shoulders are telling me about it a little bit, but it was well worth it. Next step: finding a better way to transport this thing on the truck.

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