Jun 2, 2012

Optics bleg

So these shiny new uppers are flat-top, which means I need to find optics. Things I'm looking for:
- relatively low magnification
- able to handle some bumps and rattles in the safe or in the truck
- weatherproof
- relatively compact

I know Oleg has done some photo work with Primary Arms, and I'm actually pretty tempted by their 3x compact or the 1-4x24. The reviews I'm finding online are generally positive, but if one of you has some personal experience, I'd be thrilled.

Other items under consideration are a Leupold 2.5x20 Ultralight, Nikon M223 1-4x20, or a Bushnell Banner 1.5-4.5x32.

Price is not the sole factor but does matter, which means the Leupold and Nikon are at the far top end of my budget. I have a Banner 3-9x40 on my .17HMR and think it's OK but not exceptional. I love the Nikon ProStaffs we have (two of them, on .22s) but the ProStaff is bigger/bulkier than what I want.

I considered a red dot or a reflex sight, but my eyes don't appreciate that out at 250-300yd.

Is there something I'm missing or forgetting?


Alan said...

I have a Primary Arms scope on one of my uppers. I like it.scned

ZerCool said...

Alan, that's good to know. I suspect I'm going to bite the bullet and get a 1-4x PA shortly.

Unknown said...

Check out the Burris Fulfield II line. I picked up a 2-7 FF II Tactical that has been tough, held zero, and has repeatedly been dialed in at distance with the turrets for a couple of years now and it's good to go. I believe they are running about ~$150 these days.

ZerCool said...

Thanks for the suggestion, CTone. I've been doing more digging and I think I'm actually going to end up with the Nikon P223 3x32 fixed; seems like just about perfect for my uses.