Aug 16, 2010

Customer "service"

Big fat raspberries to the guy at the Cabelas gun counter in East Grand Forks, MN. As soon as he heard we were from out of state he said, "Well I can't sell you a gun anyways," turned his back on us, and walked away.

Way to inspire folks to spend money in your store. I hadn't picked out the shirt, sweatshirt, or other goodies I had been planning on - and obviously didn't after that.

(And actually, asshole, you can sell me a gun. It just has to be shipped to a dealer in my home state. Or I could take a long gun here and now.)


Barron said...

There's a Cabela's on the border in Post Falls Idaho. Seriously less than one mile away is Washington. Since it's on the pan handle it's not too far from Montana either. I've never had any issues buying firearms at that store even though I'm a Washington resident. Further more when I talked to people behind the counter while looking at pistols they have agreements with a couple shops in Spokane to take care of transfers.

It's a bummer you had a sour experience, I would suggest contacting the store manager. Odds are they guy didn't actually know the laws, (or more likely wanted an excuse not to sell a firearm). This is bad for the company and loses revenue. Seriously contact the manager, you might be surprised at the response.


BC said...

Sadly this sounds like my last customer service experience in Owatonna Cabela's as well. First guy with the long guns was very friendly and helpful. Guy with the pistols was a dick, and for some reason got mad when I asked why he was being a dick in front of his manager. Just no pleasing some people...

Cabela's seems to have gone somewhat down hill since they became a public company a couple years ago.

libertyman said...

Always, always, always let the boss or owner know how you were treated. Don't let them get away with it! A short note, sent in a timely fashion, will at least let them know about it.

Wally said...

Went to Cableas yesterday, into the gun library. Two sales guys leaning against the display case, I was crouched down looking at the bottom shelf. No, they didn't ask if I wanted any help, and no, they didn't even move out of the way.

Kevin said...

A person with a good sales experience will tell three friends. A person with a bad sales experience will tell 30.

If he has a blog, 30,000.