Aug 6, 2010

On Death

AmericanMercenary left a comment on my recent top-ten list. I wasn't familiar with the name, so I clicked on over. I'd recommend you do the same thing; he writes well and it's worth reading a soldier's perspective on many things. He's over on the blogroll now.

These three posts were on his front page when I headed over there. Read them all, please.

Death comes for us all, eventually. Sharp and sudden or tedious and lingering, eventually we will all answer for the lives we have chosen.

I've seen my share of death, up close and personal. People I did know, people I didn't know, and people I wished I had known.

There's nothing noble in death. Oh, you can die nobly, or heroically, or bravely, sure - but death, of itself, is not a noble thing.

I've shed a few tears for strangers, and a few more for friends and family.

I've been struck with the tremendous truth of, "There but for the grace of God lay I." It's a realization that requires introspection.

AM closes his post with, "Life goes on, and you need to remember that."

I couldn't agree more.

Life goes on, and you need to remember that.

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