Aug 27, 2010

The Motor of the World

... she's slowing down.

Borepatch has a snippet of news about several tech companies pulling up roots in California and moving to Utah.

I neglected to mention in my travel post: over dinner the first night, the usual getting-to-know-you conversation occurred. Our dining companions were a married couple in their mid-to-late 30s or so. She works in a cinema-related field, and he... is voluntarily unemployed.

He spent nearly twenty years as an architect, then saw what was happening to more and more of his paycheck, and decided he was sick of paying taxes to support people who refused to support themselves... so he walked out.

Bully for him.

Who knew Ayn Rand was going to be the 20th century's Nostradamus?

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Borepatch said...

Fortunately, we have a Laboratory of Democracy where we can experiment. We're seeing some failures, and some successes.

Probably a post in there.