Oct 25, 2010

Clearing out

In an effort to make some space (and money) for things I'll use, I'm getting rid of some of the things collecting dust around here.

Canon Elan 7e kit:
Camera body w/ strap
BP-300 battery pack/vertical grip (rather hard to find, can run the camera on AA or CR123 batteries)
28-90 f/4-5.6 lens (Canon)
75-300 macro lens (Sigma)
IR remote
Camera bag
a few boxes of Fuji 35mm color print film, various speeds, possibly expired

I used this for about two years, did a fair bit of my own work with it, one wedding, and then switched to all-digital. It's a workhorse camera and in *excellent* condition. Canon claims 4 frames per second and a top shutter speed of 1/4000s, although I rarely tried that - film is too expensive to go through a roll in nine seconds! Shutter count is around 10-12,000.

The "e" on the model indicates eye-controlled focus, which IS very nifty - there are seven autofocus points, and you simply look at the one you want the camera to focus on. It takes a little getting used to, and doesn't work with some eyeglasses, but DOES work. Great for fast action stuff.

$250 shipped in the US.

sell 005 by zer_cool, on Flickr

Sony PSP (Playstation Portable) game system
With charger, manual, case, screen protector, 1GB memory stick, Sony headphones/inline remote, and following games (all in cases, with instructions):
-- Archer McLean's Mercury - puzzle game similar to the old tabletop
-- Burnout Legends - smash 'em up driving game
-- CapCom Classics Collection - collection of classic arcade games
-- Field Commander - strategy combat game
-- Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - part of the GTA series
-- Lumines - puzzle game similar to Tetris
-- MediEvil Resurrection - sidescrolling arcade game
-- Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters - continuation of the classic series
-- Sega Genesis Collection - collection of Sega classics, including
the Sonic games and several more

$150 shipped in the US.

sell 006 by zer_cool, on Flickr

CRKT "Lake Bandera 2". Two available. One NIB, one was in my pocket for a month or two, still in excellent shape. NIB $25 shipped, gently used $20 shipped.

sell 001 by zer_cool, on Flickr

CRKT "Point Guard". Combo edge. NIB. $25 shipped.

sell 002 by zer_cool, on Flickr

CRKT "MUK". Four available, all NIB. $12 shipped.

sell 003 by zer_cool, on Flickr

B-Square saddle for Remington 870 12ga, with BSA 30mm Green Dot sight. Excellent condition, has been used gently for one turkey season. One scratch on left side. $60 shipped.

sell 004 by zer_cool, on Flickr

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