Oct 29, 2010

Holster muse

I expect I'll be ordering a better IWB holster for the PM9 in the next week or so... the only question is, which one?

I had an IWB model from Lobo Gun Leather with the 242. Quality is top notch but I didn't really carry the gun often so can't comment on long-term comfort.

I have an inexpensive IWB from JMG Holsters for the 642. While functional, it leaves a bit to be desired. The High Noon that came with the PM9 is in the same boat - it holds the gun securely, but isn't ideal.

I've narrowed down my choice to either another IWB from Lobo (about $60) or a CrossBreed Minituck, which is ugly as sin, a little more expensive, and I have ZERO experience with - but it gets excellent reviews.

So - is there anyone out there who has experience with BOTH the Lobo and the Crossbreed? I'd also welcome input on just the Crossbreed.


doubletrouble said...

I can add a + for the Crossbreed.
One of the lads at the gun shop carries a S'field XD in one; he wears it always, & recommends it.

For grins, I made one following the aforementioned lad's set up, & can vouch for the comfort. Mine didn't have the molded plastic holster (mine was leather), nor the "discreet" clips, but it was apparent that the concept is good for comfortable IWB carry.

$.02 from here.

Wally said...

No experience with either, but I run my P9 in a galco. Was EDC for a few years in that configuration. The model is a Galco USA - or is it UDC? I always get them confused. One has a reinforced lip. That is the only difference.
The nonreinforced is a bit thinner, more awkward to reholster. I have both, reenforced for P9 and non-re for the glocks

Bob S. said...

I carry my Taurus Mil-Pro PT145 (.45 ACP) in a CrossBreed Supertuck.

It is one of the most comfortable and stable holsters I've used.

The kydex is secure and holds well. the clips are adjustable and inconspicuous.

Strongly recommended.

Ross said...

My Kahr K-9 lives in a UBG Canute holster. http://www.ubgholsters.com/iwb.htm

This holster is simply made of WIN. Great construction, very comfortable to wear and the K9, which is a bit larger than your PM9, simply disappears into it.

Seriously - These guys make the BEST holster I've got. (By comparison, I'm thinking of jettisoning my IWB Lobo and getting another Canute for my S&W M19 snubby; the Lobo tends to make the muzzle dig into my right kidney.)

Ross said...

Update on the Lobo: seems I had it positioned wrong. If I put the belt loops on the OUTSIDE of the two belt loops on the right side of my Wranglers, it's positioned perfectly.

I still think that the Canute is a better holster, though.