Oct 19, 2010

Vote them OUT...

ALL of them.

I uttered these words to my mother a week ago, while in the midst of a "what's wrong with the world" discussion.

She blinked and said, "But then we'd have a bunch of people who have no idea how things are supposed to work running the country."

I nodded, "'The way things are supposed to work' has gotten us into this mess. We need some folks who haven't been playing the game for their whole life to get us out."

Mom clammed up.

It's true, kiddies. When did "politician" become an acceptable career path? If you wanted to be an attorney and practice for a lifetime, then retire and maybe put in a term or two in one political office or another, that's one thing. But graduating from BigBucksU with an eye on a position as a staffer, then maybe stepping up to that seat in ten or twenty years? Bah. Get a job!


Borepatch said...

You subversive, you.

Up the system! Power to the People! ;-)

TOTWTYTR said...

You sound a lot like a blogger I know who goes by the name of Borepatch.

Imagine if the entirety of both houses of the legislature and the WH were inhabited by people who weren't lawyers and who had never held office before. And imagine that these new people brought their own staffs with them, not the ones that had worked under the old system.

The possibilities would be endless!

doubletrouble said...

Ooo Ooo-

AND imagine that some of them actually knew how to run something, like an ACTUAL BUSINESS...

This could be GRRREAT!

Splendid idea guys- we should tell somebody about this...