Oct 24, 2010

Deal alert

For those of you in the market for an all-around shotgun, it's a good week to head over to Dick's Sporting Goods.

They are advertising the Mossberg 500 "Field/Deer Combo", in 12- or 20-gauge, for $280.

The 500 is not a fancy shotgun. The stock is inexpensive wood with little to no figure, the action will be a little rough until it's been run through a few hundred rounds, and the bluing is nothing to write home about.

However, it is dead-nuts reliable, and in this package, includes a field (smoothbore) barrel and a scoped fully-rifled barrel. 12 or 20 is a personal choice, but I'm planning to talk the CFO into adding one to the safe.

A little side note about Dick's (and big-box "gun stores" in general): Don't go to one looking for pro help. They don't consider "gun knowledge" to be a critical qualification. Knowing which end goes bang is usually sufficient. You can usually find a good deal on some fairly generic guns - witness above - but if you're looking for something a bit more esoteric or high-dollar, it's a good idea to find your local gun store.


Home on the Range said...

I got one of the best buys in a deer rifle at a Gandor Mountain. But you're right, outside of the gunsmith in the book firearm knowledge is NOT the first requirement for hiring.

What clinched the sale was the gentleman actually asked me if I needed help. NOT the tall guy who was with me. I can't tell you how many times I've been drooling over something in the case only to be ignored by the sales clerk.

ZerCool said...

Brigid, I learned that lesson about female customers early on. Selling cars, approaching a couple on the lot, it was always, "Can I help you folks with anything?" and then involve both people in the process.

Most sporting goods stores still ignore MrsZ when we go shopping.