Oct 24, 2010

Followup, Names

I neglected to tell you what time I'd be pulling the trigger in that video post.

Around :40, I think the whackjob would have my attention.
At :45, I'd have my hand on my gun, maybe even cleared leather but kept it out of sight.
At :48 he's going to be looking down a .357" hole.
And at :55 ... boom.

(Like Wally said, don't want to ding my rims! Then again, there is a REASON I got 16" steel wheels on my truck instead of 17" alloys...)


There have been several posts around the blogworld about naming guns (or knives).
I think Tam may have started it.
Brigid rang the bell with this one.
Borepatch goes back in time.

Several folks I know have named their guns. One person I know names things compulsively. Cars. Houses. Apartments. Some folks seem to name things by flipping through the phone book, others with a sense of irony.

Here's the thing about you phone book namers... Words have meanings. If you're naming something with a personality - and believe me, some guns have personalities - it needs to tell you its name. It will. It might take a bit of time to do it, but anything that's worth naming will name itself. (For instance, our dog Dixie is absolutely convinced her last name is "goddammit!")

I haven't named any of my guns. Like Tam, I believe they're tools. There are certainly some I have a sentimental attachment to, but none of them have deserved a name. (No Snubby from Hell in my safe!)

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SordidPanda said...

huh, I thought their name was a name.

For example, if you say Craftsman 3/8 box wrench I know exactly what you are talking about.

Springfield 1911. Colt HBAR.

Why give tools extra names, they come with one already.