Oct 22, 2010

A little exercise for you

There is plenty of crazy out there, folks. Plenty. Or perhaps, there are plenty of crazy folks out there. Either way, you get the idea.

Poking through Arfcom to entertain myself this morning, I found a link to this video:

You can watch the first thirty seconds if you want; it's not really necessary. Short-form translation: I'm a bad dude and can do what I want.

Watch it a couple times if you need to. Then tell me what you would have done, at what point (time stamp).

My answer will be up later today.


doubletrouble said...

I couldn't figure out what the hell he was saying, but his actions were loud & clear.

If I couldn't hit him with the car, I'd shoot the crazy SOB; that activity is solidly in the "life threatening" mode.

Wally said...

I'd clear leather at 0:51.

Probably should have hopped te curb before that, but instinct being what it is, emotionally I'd rather kick his ass than ding my rims.

Jay G said...

I wouldn't have cleared leather. Not at all.

From the first hit, my truck's gonna need work.

Fuck that shit. I'd have run his stupid ass down. 5,700 pounds of angry Dodge >>>>>>> .357 Magnum.

End. Of. Story.

I'm sitting on a HELL of a lot more power behind the wheel of my truck than holding any firearm I possess.

He started swinging. I was afraid. I went to leave the scene.

It's not my fault he happened to be under my wheels at the time.

The brakestand? Oops. Must have panicked...