Sep 3, 2012


Hadn't heard about this particular product until I saw the picture on Oleg's site.

XS 50-round drum magazine

It's forbidden fruit here in NY, and admittedly spendy ($189 list), but I won't deny wanting one ... or five. Same height as a standard 30-rounder, Cerakoted aluminum... It should be great for balance, and durable as hell. Available in .308 as well, in a variety of flavors.

It'd be a REAL nice fit with the Pale Horse ... if it were legal. *sigh*

One more reason to keep my eyes open ... elsewhere.


Old NFO said...

Lemme see... $19.95 for a Magpul 30 vs. $189 for a 50... Um... NO CONTEST! :-) I'll take reliability and simplicity any day!

ZerCool said...

A valid argument, NFO. But I still want one. ;-)