Sep 27, 2012

Occupy offered settlement...

Remember those kids at UC Davis that got pepper-sprayed en masse last year?

Well, the University is offering a $30,000-per-person settlement on their lawsuit.

The pepper-spraying was an "objectively unreasonable" use of force by campus police, a 190-page report by a University of California task force said in April.
I'm actually torn about this.

Yes, they were obstructing a pathway and were (rightfully) subject to forcible removal.

They were also obstructing it peacefully. Anyone know or remember if officers tried simply dragging them away one by one before spraying? I don't.

I don't know where UC police place spray in their force continuum. Wikipedia lists this as a common example:
1) Physical presence
2) Verbal commands
3) Empty-hand submission techniques
4) Intermediate Weapons e.g. closed-fist punches, kicks, baton, pepper spray, Taser, beanbag rounds and etc.
5) Lethal force.
Additionally, the officer was using a non-issue spray, designed for application from 6+ feet ... not 3. He's no longer employed by UCPD.

I suspect most of these students will take the settlement.

Don't get me wrong - I like seeing hippies getting sprayed as a matter of principle - but not for sitting still. Not for protesting, not for speaking freely, not for passive resistance. Not anyone, not ever.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget - They weren't just protesting, they had surrounded police that arrested occupy members in their tents (after giving those members a chance to leave w/o being arrested) and announced that they wouldn't let the police leave unless they set them free.

The police were going to let them sit where ever they wanted, just not in tents.

ZerCool said...

Awe, hadn't heard that part of the story; but what do you expect from MSM?

Anonymous said...

Edited for time version of the whole protest. There's a link in the video for the raw (30+ minute) footage.

Bubblehead Les. said...

My niece Jessica was at that Campus finishing up some classes. Turns out most of the Students who were Protesting were whining about how their Tuition was being increased (even though most of them had their Parents footing the bill). So the "Occupyiers" decided to join in against the "Evil Capitalists" who weren't providing Free College Education to Everyone.

Also, keep in mind that the new Chancellor wanted her Campus "Cleaned Up," and told the College P.D. to "get rid of them now!"

You're right about Peaceful Protest. But why is it that when there are Tea Party protests, the area looks cleaner than when the Protestors arrived? And why does it seems every time the "Occupyiers" take over a spot, one has to call in the Hazmat Team to clean it up?

Oh, BTW, Murph, who put on the Wounded Warrior Shoot last week (Gotta come on down for that one, bro!) is on Permanent Disability because of the injuries he suffered while his P.D. had to clean out an "Occupyiers" encampment in DC. They had to go in using only their hands and were restricted from using Pepper Spray because of the UC-Davis brohaha.

And it looks like this whole "Occupy" Movement was a set up from the Get-Go by the SEIU and their cronies to kick start a 'World-Wide Socialist Uprising". has a documentary with the details due out in a couple of weeks.

Sorry Z, but unless they are "Occupying the RKBA", these aren't "Freedom Riders" from the Civil Rights Movement or Police Brutality Protestors or anything other group that has decided to engage in "Peaceful Assembly." This whole "Occupy" thing is just a sham.

Roadkill said...

Les, you're a nitwit and none of these are related.

Old NFO said...

I'd have sprayed their asses again... sigh/ But then I'm NOT PC...

Andie said...

I remember watching the video shortly after it came out and feeling angry at both sides, but truly, I could only find fault with the cop for taking things to the next level with what seemed to be a casual air of "just doing my job, nothing to see here." I have not ever been a fan of the Occupy movement, but I am even LESS of a fan of arbitrary retribution. All of that said, I am stunned at the amount per person... priorities surely do seem different than what they were.