Sep 16, 2012

Two things...

First: I'm going to have to either turn on the captcha, or require accounts. I'm getting tired of deleting spam. Input welcome.

Second: I'm making the necessary decision to thin the herd a little. Stay tuned for more, but the first two are easy. This isn't finances for once, but an effort to get down to things that I actually use and enjoy.

1) Drop-in replacement barrel for a S&W M&P40c to .357Sig. Factory barrel, blackened/melonited whatever they call it. Unfired. Feeds from standard .40 mags. $75 shipped. I'd also take three 9mm compact mags in trade.

2) M&P9 full-size. No safeties. TruGlo TFO sights (green/green). Includes box, papers, grip inserts, and a LaserLyte RSL that I had problems with. Four ten-round magazines, Serpa holster. It's had a couple boxes through it, no mods other than the sight change. $550 shipped. (S&W SKU is 150828.)

Drop me an email with questions.


Anonymous said...

Can you reduce the number of identity options users have when commenting? Presumably, requiring either a Google Account or an OpenID login at least gets you past the point where you get anonymous spam. You might still get spam from "valid" accounts, but that won't change if you also turn on the captcha.

ZerCool said...

MHA - blogger's options are "Anyone (including Anonymous)", "Registered Users (including OpenID)", Google Accounts, or Only Members.

Not really great choices. I'll chew on it for a bit longer before I decide, but deleting spam messages daily is aggravating.

Old NFO said...

Sorry to hear that, but getting down to what you actually USE is a good idea!!!