Sep 7, 2012

Farm's ready!

Hunting Buddy and I made the drive out to the farm yesterday. Brutal humidity, temperature wasn't bad. Checked one stand and replaced a strap on it, checked the second and it needed nothing. Scouted a little bit and found a few good spots to put a blind.

Pulled down the third stand and moved it 75 yards into a better section of woods with better sight lines. It may be a tough stand to hunt, but should yield a big deer for a patient hunter.

Played a little bit, and remembered/rediscovered why I love the 1911 so much. It might be time to start thinking about going back to a 1911 for carry... which would mean a new 1911. We'll see.


Old NFO said...

Nothing wrong with another 1911, just sayin! :-)

Wally said...

Talk to GC, he's coordinating the York 1911 project.