Sep 4, 2012

Let's go to the video...

I know we all want to believe cops are all good upstanding citizens, focused on doing the Right Thing at all times. We all (should) know that they're human too, and there are bad people who become bad cops.

Here's a good example.

Short form:
- Two urban youths go to the convenience store on a winter evening. One is wearing a ski mask.
- Cop sees them, decides the mask is suspicious, and stops the one with the mask.
- Other leaves - and I don't know the circumstances in his departure.
- Cop chases down the one that left.
- Cop pistol-whips the kid from behind - with his finger on the trigger.
- Gun fires, no one is hit.
- Cop arrests kid for resisting and assault.
- Surveillance video comes to light, suit is filed.

The taxpayers of Prince Georges County are likely going to eat that 10-million-dollar lawsuit.


Laura said...

what's that? PG county cops failing at firearm safety? UNPOSSIBLE.

(for shits and giggles, this happened just a few days prior to the incident you've linked.)

ZerCool said...

Jebus, Laura. Time to issue them all Barney rounds.