Sep 16, 2012

Real Estate Available, Washington DC

"To that end, U.S. officials said earlier this week that Marine teams would be dispatched to protect U.S. diplomatic missions in Libya, Yemen and Sudan in the wake of anti-Western unrest in those countries.
Yemen's parliament issued a statement early Sunday demanding U.S. Marines leave the Arab country immediately, calling the presence of any foreign forces -- and U.S. troops in particular -- 'unacceptable.'"

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I know some wonderful real estate in the 2300 block of Washington Ave NW that should be open any day now.

Short and sweet: our embassy is our sovereign soil. If your country is going to deny us the presence of our own security forces, then you're cutting ties. End US aid (fiscal and/or physical), hang a for-sale sign on the embassy, and bring the entire staff home. Declare the entire staff of the Yemeni embassy PNG, and put them on the next flight east. Done.

(Just for a good comparison, take a look through the slideshow in the above article. Now head over to Google Image Search and look for "Tehran 1979". See any similarities?)

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